So often, there is no thought to your website, you are still using an old @hotmail account and the backend of your business is a hot mess.
If you were to step away for even a moment, it would all fall down around you.

You find yourself working 8 hours in the field, just to come home and spend another 4 hours trying to drum up more work or respond to leads that you have come in from five different locations. That's not sustainable. And it just plain sucks.

Or maybe you are still working the 9-5 grind and you dream of having a bit more say in your schedule, and the profits to go along with it.
 But you've never run a business before and you're overwhelmed before you've even begun.

We help you build your online presence so that you attract leads on autopilot.

Don't ignore the impact of your online presence.

The key to a successful handyman business is to build a lead machine and systemize that machine. So you can:

Spend less time looking for business...

Stop recreating the wheel with each customer....

Raise your prices and start thinking like an entrepreneur...

Say goodbye to the worry that it would all crumble if you walked away...

with an online presence that delivers leads to your inbox daily.

with simple and repeatable systems, that can easily be handed off when you are ready to hire.

because you know your expenses and what it actually takes to run your business how YOU want it done. Then set your prices to be profitable. No guesswork here.

because your business no longer requires 15 hour days from you just to stay running.

This is an investment in the start up of your business that you'll make your money back within weeks of implementation. You can start out charging more, and be seen as the professional they trust and not the random guy off of craigslist.

To get people to choose you over the next handyman, it's more than just throwing up any ol' website. You have to know how to speak to your ideal client so that they actually want what you have. This means you need to know who you are talking to and what their needs are. We work together to define your ideal client, write messaging to align with their needs and put it together on a simple and modern website that will make you stand out. Plus we know how to set up your site to make Google pay attention and you'll start showing up in searches happening online.

From there we get you a legit and professional email, create the system to keep track of your leads and build an automated, all online inquiry system. So that inquiries land in your inbox with all the details and photos you need to be able to bid right from the email. 

Next we setup your business using FieldPulse as your client management system. We use best practices, connect the systems and train you on how to use it all together. The first year of costs for your website, URL, email and FieldPulse are all included in the price.

Once we are done, you'll have a streamlined marketing system that bring you leads on autopilot and saves you time on never ending site visits.

The Built From Scratch service has limited availability. Click the button book a call with Becca to start the conversation. 

Whether you've been doing this awhile, or just now beginning, this done-with-you marketing system takes you from invisible to fully booked through your online presence.

A Done for You Marketing System

Built From Scratch



setup with you
a value of $8650

Ideal Client, Messaging + Brand Strategy

Build Your Website & Copy

Email System

Automated Inquiry System

Google Search Optimization

Yelp and Google Business Setup

Pricing for Profit

FieldPulse Integration

1 hour Q&A session with Caleb

*Includes the first year of website, URL, FieldPulse Software & email address

• Brand Strategy w/ Ideal Client + Messaging
• Build a 5 Page Website
• Email System
• Automated Inquiry System
• Google Search Optimization
• Yelp and Google Business Setup
• Pricing for Profit
• 1 hour Q&A session with Caleb
• Includes first year of Field Pulse, website, URL and email


Doug + Melanie

Professional Handyman Sandpoint

"We are not super tech-savvy folks so Becca's expertise in designing and setting up the back end of our website was a God's send."

We spent several months working with Becca to design our brand, website, and backend systems for our new handyman business. She guided us in everything from choosing a business name to developing service packages for clients. We are not super tech-savvy folks so Becca's expertise in designing and setting up the back end of our website was a God's send. She designed it so quality leads with plenty of information are funneled to a central location that we can easily keep track of. She also created our website so it had an online presence that expressed our brand and services to attract our ideal clients. Once we officially launched, we were immediately generating the caliber of clients we desired. Becca's guidance has proven invaluable and we highly recommend hiring her to help bring your branding and business up to the next level. 

• Update your logo and info so that your invoices are professional
• Systemize how you bring in clients so that you don't have to do data entry between a bunch of different apps
•Create email templates so that you spend less time on the computer, while still looking professional to your customers
• Implement the automated inquiry system from "Systemize your leads" service (addon)
• 2 hours available via video call to implement and understand the system Additional hours available upon request at an additional charge

Hire us for FieldPulse Integration so that we can make FieldPulse work best for you.

It's a toolkit that is essential to having a streamlined business. But it can be daunting to set up. With a system like this, it's critical to set it up correctly as well as systemize your data management. So that all jobs, customers, and invoices are easily findable trackable, and scalable.

FieldPulse is our preferred client management system (CMS). This program lets you bring in leads, send estimates, create jobs, schedule jobs, send invoices, take payment online, and keep track of customers over time.

FieldPulse Integration

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one time payment
a value of $2250

Automated Inquiry + Bidding System

Email Setup + Optimization

Pricing & Projections Training

*includes first year of FieldPulse subscription costs + email costs

• Add company info and defaults
• Systemize how to create jobs + invoices
• Email templates
• Included in Built From Scratch
*Automate and implement the Systemize your leads service (addon)
• Includes the first year of Field Pulse subscription

• a professional email that instantly elevates your online appearance in the eye of your customer.
• a tagging system that lets you keep track of exactly where each customer is in your process.
• an automated inquiry system so that all your bidding is done through email (no more time wasted in walkthroughs that don't book!)

With this package, you'll finally have:

You'd like your online presence to look a bit more professional, and a bit less "dude with a truck'. So that you can charge more, spend less time on the part of the business that stresses you out: keeping track of your leads

This is for the handyman who already has a business, but is spending way too much time on chasing leads.

Systemize Your Leads

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one time payment 
 value of $1000

Automated Inquiry + Bidding System

Email Setup + Optimization

*included in Built From Scratch

Automated Inquiry + Bidding System
Email Setup + Optimization
*included in Built From Scratch

Free Ultimate Business Toolkit to Start Your Handyman Business 

what business tools are needed to run a successful business?

Do it yourself templates and workbooks 

Build your biz

All our templates guide you in building the systems in your business that will give you your sanity back.