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Looking to get some specific questions answered as you build your business? You aren't ready for a full on monthly coaching commitment, but you are looking to get unstuck in some areas. Maybe you don't know how to attract the right clients, or you need an injection of client's quickly in your business. Whatever it is, we can tackle the problem and give your actionable strategies to move forward with today.
The 90 minute clarity call is hosted via Zoom and is recorded so you can watch it back and get even more value from it the second time! 

Get momentum in your business after 90 minutes 1:1 with Becca

90 Minute Clarity Call

2x a month @ $600
w/ messaging

4x a month @ $1000
w/ messaging

1x a month @ $300

When you are looking for consistant support and accountability, I offer 1:1 Strategy Sessions on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis. This is best for the entrepreneur who is looking to move quickly through the business growing process vs doing trial and error on your own. Each call last 60 minutes via Zoom and is recorded so you can come back to it and gain additional insights when you listen in again.

Monthly calls include Voxer support (add on at the 1x a month option), email support and require a 3 month commitment. Click a button below to sign up

Get clarity as you build your business

Monthly 1:1 Strategy Sessions (60min/each)

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For those who want ongoing help and strategies for your business. Have a business coach in your pocket.  This Just Messaging package includes messaging via an walkie talkie type app called Voxer. Get support and insights, without the monthly call.  

Just Messaging is $150 a month with a 3 month commitment. Get answers within 24 hours with suggestions and input. Limited number of spots available

ongoing support in the palm of your hands

 Just Messaging

$150/ month

Free Ultimate Business Toolkit to Start Your Handyman Business 

what business tools are needed to run a successful business?