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Systemizing your business is one of the most impactful things you can do to create a scalable business. But systemizing takes trial and error and years of tweaking. Unless you use systems that are already thoroughly tried and vetted. Grab all our digital products in one bundle, from learning how to price understanding your customer journey and systemizing your lead processes. You'll get our inquiry form, email templates, and email organization system to implement in your handyman business. This system is what we created for North Seattle Handyman that helped him start solo and now grow to a company with seven techs and grossing $1mil+ a year.

This bundle includes all products except the  Handyman Biz Setup Guide

jump start your handyman business with system that scale

Handyman Business
Systems Bundle



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If you price too low, you find yourself very busy, but still broke. If you price yourself too high, you don't have confidence in your price, and people will go another route. So how do you find what you should charge? With our pricing and projections workbook. It's time you changed from what you "think" you should charge, and transform the conversation into knowing what you need to charge to have a profitable business and projections of what it will take to scale (and make big money).

It's time to know exactly how much you should charge.

Pricing and Projections Workbook


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How can you take care of your customer at every step if you've never taken the time to map out what those steps are? How do you improve your business and grow if your customer journey is a mystery? The answer is simple; you can't. This is why the Customer Journey Guide is so impactful. Finally, see each step a customer takes from where they hear of you all the way through, and see what can be automated or templated so that you can exceed expectations without overworking yourself.

know every step your customer takes to work with you

Customer Journey Guide


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This is a ready-to-customize Google form set up for your handyman business. So that you can funnel your inquiries into one location.  This isn't a basic inquiry form, it is designed to ask all the pertinent questions you need to be able to create a quote without spending 2+ hours of your day on a walkthrough and travel.

Take your time back by cutting down on job walkthroughs.

Online Virtual Quote System


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Communication is one of the biggest complaints by handyman clients. They don't know what to expect or when to expect it. This doesn't need to happen, when you have customizable email templates for everything from job confirmation emails to reschedule emails and invoice requests. Elevate your client experience by actually communicating what the client needs to know, while keeping it an easy couple clicks on your end.

elevate your client communication in three clicks

Customizable Email Templates


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A handyman business works with a volume of customers. As your business gets busier, your inbox will also cause stress. Our email organization system lets you know exactly where each lead is in your process without ever opening the email. Utilize this system from the start, and you'll find that outsourcing your inbox to an assistant (or virtual assistant) will be super easy, allowing you to spend your time where it makes the most money and not in the inbox.

Take the headache out of your inbox

Email Organization System


Free Ultimate Business Toolkit to Start Your Handyman Business 

what business tools are needed to run a successful business?