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The Software Your Handyman Business Needs : Field Pulse

It’s time to stop recreating the wheel. There I said it. 
You don’t have to hodgepodge together the backend system of your business. 

Not in 2023. 

Not when options are available to streamline your life and save you hours a week. Yes, HOURS A WEEK in the drudgery side of your business.

The people who move the needle the fastest in their business utilize the tech to help make your life easier. 

It’s time to utilize a CRM (Client Relationship Management) software to run your business. And it just so happens that our favorite CRM for handyman and trade based businesses just started a doozy of a sale that you don’t want to miss.

Field Pulse helps elevate your client experience while keeping all your ducks in a row AND saves you time.  It’s a full assistant for your business.

So you can spend more time in BILLABLE tasks instead of hours and hours in admin tasks. Field Pulse can help you generate tens of thousands more a year because it streamlines and systemizes your schedule, invoicing and communication.

So… now you understand why your business needs Field Pulse in its toolbox…

Before we jump to the sale, let me list what Field Pulse can do for you. Excuse me a minute, as this list is long: 

  • Client management. Keep track of your clients, their notes, their jobs, projects, invoices, preferences and everything all in one place
  • Send estimates, invoices, recurring invoices and take payments all in one place
  • Schedule the job, dispatch your techs, and keep track of all job requirements using a handy app in the field.
  • Manage employee timesheets, clock-ins, and clock-outs, and it automatically tracks the hours for each of your jobs.
  • Build an inventory of all the services you offer so that invoicing and estimates can take less time as they are already listed in your database.
  • Offer good/better/best estimate options so you can easily let people have variety without having to manage the “what if we take this out” type of conversation
  • Text message updates. You can let your client know you are on the way or if something has changed in a format with a 90% open rate (text) vs a 20% open rate (email).
  • Automatic review requests. This one is a game-changer! The system will automatically send out a request for a review after you’ve marked the job as finished. No longer will you have those awkward conversations, all while benefiting from consistent and quality reviews that keep more clients requesting work!

That isn’t even the comprehensive list. It’s just the curated list that I know will immediately benefit you.

Now that you’re thinking, ‘Hmm, maybe this is a good tool for my business toolbox,’ let me tell you about the sale!


Only valid when you sign up in April 2023

What’s even better is that they’ve offered an exclusive bonus to those who sign up through The Handyman System.

Through my link, sign up and get 2 of their monthly paid add-ons (which are like $30-$40 a month extra) for free FOR LIFE! (some exclusions apply)

I’m not one to run for the bullhorn in excitement, guys, but… this sale is legit.

If your next thought is, ‘That sounds overwhelming. How will I be able to set it up, utilize it, and really use this in my business if I’m not techy?’

I have an answer for that too.

Save $100 Field Pulse Integration program + get 2 bonuses worth $400.

Field Pulse Integration is where we build the system for you! We set it all up, add some automations and email templates (that are exclusive to us) and provide 1:1 training on how to use it best for YOUR business.

☑️ So you don’t get overwhelmed.

☑️So you don’t get frustrated.

☑️So you can show up like the legit business you are and wow your clients DAILY with barely any heavy lifting on your side

… well until you show up to fix their house. Then there will be heavy lifting… but you kinda signed up for that side of things 🙂 

I’m confident it will be one of the best decisions you make for your business this year.

It’s not just about software. It’s about what the utilization of this software gets you.

➡️➡️ Want to have happier clients? 

Happy clients return and hire you again. They write amazing testimonials. And they tell their friends about you.  Happy clients are those who have felt heard and understand what’s going on… but can be hard to do when you are so so busy.  Field Pulse makes it easy, allowing you to elevate your client experience without taking any extra time from you.

➡️➡️ Want to save your sanity?

It’s no longer 1995. Relying on Post-it notes and a paper calendar… or even a hodgepodge of other tools to keep your appointments straight, is hard to manage. You lose details, you forget to communicate.  You do your best, but you feel like you’re running in a thousand directions all the time. Field Pulse allows you to streamline and systemize your business runs smoothly.

➡️➡️ Want to make more money?

Being a handyman does not mean you always struggle to the bottom of the pricing game.

When you present your business and communicate well, it tells the clients that you have your sh*t  together and are the one to trust.

 Plus, when invoicing, client management, scheduling, and more are streamlined, imagine how much more work you can take because you are not recreating the wheel at every turn.

The reality is Field Pulse allows you to finally have a grasp over your business, which allows you more time to build relationships and get more business.

Trust me, I used to recreate the wheel in my service business at first too. But it was exhausting. Everything changed when I first leaned into using a CRM in my business 15 years ago. Suddenly business became less heavy, and I could focus on the parts of the business I enjoyed.

It’s truly a game changer and can quickly let you scale.

Alright. Ready for the details and next steps?

Here’s how this thing shakes out— 

1️⃣ Sign up for Field Pulse Sale through this link. Mention The Handyman System as a referral.

2️⃣ Input your credit card and choose the yearly billing. Field Pulse does all the rest.

3️⃣ Sign up for Field Pulse Integration with moai here 

Then, I’m throwing in 3 bonuses …

4️⃣ BONUS #1: Save $100 off Field Pulse Integration, so it’s only $650 instead of $750.

5️⃣ BONUS #2: You’ll get Pricing and Projections workbook that will show you the math of exactly what you need to charge to have a profitable and scaleable business (worth $97)

6️⃣BONUS #3: A 1:1 60-minute coaching call with me where we can dive into any aspect of your business to get clarity and help you grow. (worth $300)

You’re literally saving thousands of dollars with this sale! Remember those add ons that usually cost $40 a month. You can get up to 2 of them free for LIFE! You’ll save a grand yearly if you use this software. On top of all other goods.

Considering that this setup will cost you $3247, and $2100 yearly come May 1st. You can sign up today and pay a total of $1550 and only $1000 yearly. But it has to be done in the next week before May 1st.

To get in, all you need to do is take two actions

Field Pulse signup

Field Pulse Integration signup

After that- I take the lead, and within 10 business days of signup, you’ll be up and running on your new system.

 If you choose to grab the Field Pulse deal solo, you can; just keep in mind you’ll be doing the implementation yourself and missing out on email templates, automation, coaching, and pricing help! 

What happens after you sign up?

 As soon as I see you’ve signed up, we’ll be in email contact to get me the info to move forward. I take it from there until we are ready to do the training!  

*If you sign up between April 21-23, you’ll hear from me on Monday as I’ll be out of the office this weekend.*

Again, there is a HARD STOP come May 1st. If you don’t sign up in April, you’ll be back to paying full price, and we can’t make any exceptions.  

Click right here to sign up for Field Pulse

Click right here to sign up for Field Pulse Integration

Your business doesn’t need to be taped together on the backend. If you’re ready to elevate, this is the time.

So I’m STOKED to be able to help you take your business to the next level!

Got questions? Send me an email at [email protected] and ask me anything!

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