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Handyman Leads – Are You Losing Yours to the Competition?

How well do you stack up to the competition? Are they taking all of your handyman leads?

Really, how well do you know your competition?

My guess is… you know of a couple guys, but you don’t really know who else is out there doing the same thing you do. This is a critical error – as your leads are comparing you to them.

And if you want to win that business, you need to know what they are doing, and what you should be doing differently.

As you learn to lean into the business owner side of this adventure, you’re going to realize things like this really matter.

Start paying attention to the others in your area that are providing the same service as you. Because your customers are. If your customers are deciding between you and them, don’t you want to know what is going to make the customer choose you instead of them. Trust me, you don’t want the deciding factor to be price, as in that situation the lowest price always wins.

 By knowing your competition and what your potential clients may be comparing you against, you can elevate your business and stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in!

Tip #1: Research Your Competitors

 Take the time to research and analyze your local competitors. Look at their services, pricing, customer reviews, and branding (website, colors, logo, messaging). By understanding what they offer and how they position themselves, you can identify areas where you can differentiate your business and provide unique value to your clients.

Tip #2: Identify What Makes You Different

Based on your research, identify your unique selling points. What sets your handyman business apart? Is it your specialized skills, exceptional customer service, or quick response times? Highlighting these unique aspects will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and attract clients who value what you have to offer.

Tip #3: Focus on Your Client’s Needs

 Understanding what your potential clients are looking for is crucial. Which means you need to choose who you are targeting. No one will pay attention to the “everyone” bucket. The more you hone into who you help, the easier attracting them will be. Once you’ve done that, put yourself in their shoes and think about their pain points and preferences. Tailor your services and messaging to address their specific needs. By doing so, you can demonstrate how your business provides superior solutions and experiences compared to your competitors.

Tip #4: Highlight Your Expertise, Experience and You

 Showcasing your expertise and experience is essential in building trust and credibility with potential clients as well as showing photos of yourself. So many contractors don’t even show their face on their website. People want to know who they are inviting into their home just as much as they want to know that you have the experience to do the job.  Trust me, your handyman leads care who they are inviting into their home. By simply showing your face, you can stand out from the competition!

 Share your qualifications, certifications, and success stories through testimonials or case studies. This will reassure clients that they are choosing a reliable and knowledgeable handyman service.

If the tips above are making your head spin it’s okay. This doesn’t have to be your expertise. But it is ours! Everything we go over above is what we take care of for our clients and we can do that for you too. Our Stand Out program does all of the competitor analysis, as well as diving into your ideal client, messaging, and positioning so that you can launch your online presence and get focused on your clients needs… instead of learning how to be a brand and messaging expert yourself 

 So, if you are ready to build your business… and you don’t want to do it on your own, reach out. Stand Out may be exactly what you are looking for.  And if it isn’t, then we can discuss what would be the best option for you. The first step is to book a call with me and we can figure it all out together

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If you want more info on the Stand Out system, take a look at the details here and apply : Stand Out – Handyman Business System

Remember, knowing your competition and understanding your clients’ expectations are key to getting back your handyman leads from the competition.

By researching your competitors, identifying your unique selling points, focusing on your client’s needs, and highlighting your expertise, you’ll position your handyman business as the top choice for your target audience.

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